What Libraries Can Learn from the Best Companies


These are the main points of a presentation I gave at the Library Marketing Communications Conference 2016 called "What Libraries Can Learn from the Best Companies and Ad Agencies".

  1. The best companies focus on the community not operations, products, or services.
  2. They harmonize marketing and customer-facing staff.
  3. They have passionate, market-focused leaders.
  4. They know that good marketing = good business.
  5. They know marketing is ears not just a tongue.
  6. They love their audience or are their audience.
  7. They hire great people, not LinkedIn profiles.

I got some good feedback on my presentation and a few questions about personas that I will be addressing in future blog posts. Creating personas is a great process because it helps you to design better services and more precise messages. You can then take your personas and create dramas for them. How will your library fit into the drama of their lives?


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